What is Financial Toolbox?

Emerging from a partnership between Chartered Accountants Australia & New Zealand, and American Chamber of Commerce, Financial Toolbox aims to the financial knowledge and skills of Western Australian women to give them independence and freedom of choice throughout their lives.

Startling statistics show that many WA women have barely more than half the savings of men, 60% of WA women retire with zero superannuation, women earn 25% less than men, and most WA women still lack the financial confidence and skills to invest. (Department of Local Government and Communities, 2015)

Our in-depth and interactive workshops will equip you with the skills to get ahead of your finances, take control of spending and saving, and avoid common pitfalls so you can be financially independent and in control.

Each session commences with a presentation from a keynote expert followed by a discussion with skilled specialists. The specialists will sit with smaller tables of attendees to answer specific questions, moving from table to table at regular intervals.

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