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New Programs to Educate Women Across WA

As well as our interactive workshops, Financial Toolbox has been developing programs to educate and empower more women across WA:

  • Women at Risk program – The Women at Risk program aims to use Financial Toolbox resources and expertise to provide financial education for women in at risk situations.
    Our team of financial and legal experts from Chartered Accountants and LegalAid have worked closely with social workers, psychologist and sufferers of domestic and financial abuse to prepare a comprehensive education package for women in various stages of need. The information is being converted to training material and delivered to women at risk in collaboration with various partners organisations, who can ensure the women receive training in a holistic setting. The team has also been working with an app/website developer to establish an on-line program so that financial education material can be made available to women in need directly.
  • Young people program – Financial Toolbox is partnering with Student Edge to develop a program of financial education online learning material specifically targeted at young people. Our team of financial experts from Chartered Accountants ANZ and Curtin University, has teamed up with Student Edge website content experts to tailor online content for a student audience. Two programs have been developed for young people aged 11-15 covering Budgeting for beginners and Preparing your tax returns. This content is currently being loaded onto the e-learning platform, ready for distribution into schools in the coming months. Student Edge has around 900,000 members Australia wide.
  • Rural and Regional program – Our Rural and Regional team is collaborating with UWA researchers and Money School to investigate providing the financial education element for a series of workshops to be run with regional small businesses. They have also had discussions with Partners in Grain regarding potential development of financial education podcasts.

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